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Allyship & You | 3-part Series: September 2022

rootid is pleased to announce our upcoming 3-part Allyship Series taking place during the month of September in English & Spanish. As 2022 passes through its halfway point, rootid is continuing our commitment to elevate the conversation around what it means to truly show up with & for members of our communities.
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Classism, sizeism; ableism; there is no shortage of social-isms. However, there are many other social "-isms" that plague our society and interfere with the everyday lives of many people.

This three session series offered in English & Spanish will provide a safe space to further explore:

  1. what it means to show up for others
  2. how to recover when you inevitably say the wrong thing
  3. how nonprofit philanthropy still needs work & what we can do about it
  4. the difference between allyship & solidarity

We know that this can be a sensitive area for some, so we are bringing in a panel of experts to ground us as we move through this series and provide attendees with the tools, wording and practices to allow you to show up for yourself and others.

Past Series Details

Part 1 of 3: Friday, September 9, 2022 | 10am - 11:30am PT: EVENT HAS PASSED

Slide Decks: English  Español
Recording: English
Transcript: English
RadComs Resource Folder 

In partnership with the Radical Communicators Network, Sia & Val co-hosted a 90min roundtable session where we collectively asked ourselves, "What does the embodiment of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility look & feel like?"

Part 2 of 3: Thursday, September 15, 2022 | 9am - 11am PTEVENT HAS PASSED

Slide Decks: English  |  Español
Recordings: English | Español
Transcript: English

rootid will host a 2-hour panel & group discussion where we will collectively take a look at how our allyship & solidarity journeys inform our relationships at work. 

Panelists include:
Natasha Aruliah: JEDdi (Justice, Equity, Decolonising, diversity and inclusion) & Organisational Change Specialist
Allison Traina: Anti-racism Coach & Consultant (Alight Coaching & Consulting)
Caitlin Brune: Nonprofit & Foundation Consultant; Senior Fellow (Northern CA Grantmakers)
Amar Al Hosani: Director of Development (Mission Graduates)

Sia Magadan, Director of Community Engagement & Fundraising (rootid)

Spanish Interpretator:
Franco Vargas-Prada (Linko Languages)

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Part 3 of 3: Thursday, September 29, 2022 | 9am - 11am PT: EVENT HAS PASSED

Slide Decks: English  |  Español
Recordings: English | Español
Transcript: English

Community Centric Fundraising: Form Exploration to Action
Michelle Muri,
 Co-Chair of Community-Centric Fundraising // Fundraising Consultant, Facilitator and Coach at Freedom Conspiracy // Host of The Ethical Rainmaker Podcast
will be co-hosting a 2-hour workshop inviting participants to reflect on how our allyship & solidarity journeys show up in fundraising practices.

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Spanish Translation of Materials Will be Available After the Event:
Franco Vargas-Prada (Linko Languages)

We strive to co-create spaces of meaningful connection and belonging (these workshops are not webinars). We encourage and model frequent screen and body breaks. We believe collective learning leads to the most innovative and effective outcomes.

These virtual sessions will take place over Zoom.

We provide a link to our resource folder and slide deck draft 24 hours before the session as well as enable live transcription and closed caption during the live Zoom session. Our sessions are recorded (absent any technical difficulties) and can be accessed on our website a few days after the event.

Seats are limited and reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

Community Centric Fundraising: From Exploration to Action

We love our community and live to serve it. Yet our fundraising practices often perpetuate some of the injustices we wish to end. What would be possible if our fundraising centered the communities we serve? 

In this session we’ll discuss the Community-Centric Fundraising movement and its principles. Together we’ll dive more deeply into interpersonal exploration of what CCF can look like in practice, exploring the ways in which we can step into and attempt to shift the power dynamics in service to the communities we serve.

Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF) was founded in Seattle and has been growing into a global movement (87 cities around the world!) with thousands of people engaging in new ways of thinking about our work. Join us for this interactive session with Michelle Shireen Muri, co-founder of the Council for Community-Centric Fundraising, and host of The Ethical Rainmaker podcast, to learn:

  • What? Deepen knowledge about what community-centric fundraising is;
  • So What? Reflect and and connect with colleagues around how CCF principles could make a difference for you and your community;
  • Now What? Consider and explore next steps in moving towards equity in fundraising by taking one principle and moving it into action. Leave inspired and equipped to create next steps around your engagement with CCF principles.

Participants will leave with:

  1. An understanding of Community-Centric Fundraising
  2. An action plan to educate the team on CCF principles & implementation opportunities
  3. Having had an opportunity to deepen relationships with one another