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ACLU California, Privacy & Free Speech Primer

ACLU of California, Privacy & Free Speech Primer

Created by the ACLU of California, The Privacy & Free Speech Primer draws more than 100 case studies to develop specific recommendations that companies of all sizes can implement, including an expanded free speech section addressing issues related to online moderation and censorship. The tools in this guide can help companies make the smart, proactive decisions necessary to avoid problems, protect users, and grow their businesses.

Having built a variety of websites for the ACLU of Northern California, Rootid was asked to design and develop a stand alone website to act as an interactive companion to the Primer's 3rd Edition. We began with interviews of internal stakeholders to understand the larger goals of the project as well as get a sense of the new "look and feel" they wanted the website to have. It was to represent not only the newest edition of the Primer, but represent a vision and intention that could stand on its own outside the branding of the ACLU. Since the Primer itself already had a architecture, our goal was to translate that to a interactive user experience that is easily searchable and provides many opportunities to explore related content. 

This website recieved a 2016 Communicator Award.

Rootid and ACLU-NC Awarded 2016 Communicator Award

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