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ACLU Washington - They Are Watching

ACLU Washington - They Are Watching

Law enforcement agencies are acquiring and using surveillance technology, often without the knowledge of local government and the communities they represent.  The ACLU Washington affilit wanted to build a website where visitors could learn about the technologies and the issues surveillance technologies present, and get recommendations on how to protect their civil liberties. 

As a stand alone website, we were asked to create a visual language and logo that was unique, but would still have visual cohesion to ACLU's branding. We begain by iterating througha few rounds of moodboards to determine the new "look and feel." Then we used that visual language to design a logo that was simple, direct and gave a clear representation of what the site was about. When then proceeded through our normal information architecture and user experience process, creating workflows that would allow site visitors to navigate smoothly. Finally, we overlaid our wireframes with a unique design and created a custom set of icons that illustrate the various technology and privacy related issues described throughout the website to help site visitors engage more deeply with site content. 

Built using Drupal, this site also has a few unique features including a custom sharing widget that upholds the ACLU's strict privacy guidelines as well as a way for site visitors to embed TheyAreWatching content onto their external websites. 

This project is the recipient of a 2016 Communicator Award.

 Rootid and ACLU-WA Awarded 2016 Communicator Award

Rootid helped us to transform complex concepts about government surveillance into a visual language that is easy to understand, beautiful, and engaging.
Brian Robrick
ACLU Washington, Senior Policy Strategist

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ACLU Washington - They Are Watching - Moodboards

logo design

ACLU Washington - They Are Watching - Logo Design


ACLU Washington - They Are Watching - Wireframes

responsive designs

ACLU Washington - They Are Watching - Responsive Designs

custom icon set

ACLU Washington - They Are Watching - Custom Icons