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David Brower Center

Rootid's David Brower Center Website Redesign

The David Brower Center stands as a monument to the environmental movement by fostering the environmental community at large and incubating some of the most impactful new environmental organizations in the country. The Brower Center’s staff approached Rootid with a challenge: build a brand that truly represents the thought leadership with which the organization had become synonymous, while reinventing the site infrastructure to provide its community what it needed.

Rootid’s branding team worked with the Brower Center key stakeholders in group interviews to develop an updated brand look and feel that captured the clean, modern feel of the building, while still grounding it in the history of the organization. The end result was a brand that evoked the architectural space that is the most recognizable element of their brand.

Relying on user profiles that were developed during the Discovery phase, Rootid’s UX team built an interface that supported the needs of Brower Center residents, who use the website as a resource to manage the building’s community, as well as, event attendees and prospective event rental clients.

Rootid’s development built a resident portal that allowed residents to manage conference rooms, submit events to a community calendar and access resources to help the administration of their offices.

The end result was an updated brand that truly represented the leadership of the organization in the environmental movement, combined with an interface and technology infrastructure that supported the continued growth of the Brower Center’s resident community.

The Rootid team responded quickly and thoughtfully to all of my concerns and questions, and carefully explained technical requirements of the site in ways I could understand. I'm grateful that Rootid is providing excellent web development for mission-driven organizations, and respect their work immensely.
Leora Fridman
Communications & Programs Manager

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Rootid's David Brower Center Website Redesign

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Rootid's David Brower Center Website Redesign

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Rootid's David Brower Center Website Redesign