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The Esperanza Education Fund

Rootid's Esperanza Education Fund Brand Revitalization & Website Redesign

The Esperanza Education Fund provides college scholarships and professional mentorship to immigrant students regardless of national origin, ethnicity, or immigration status. Rootid was hired to revitalize their branding, design a new logo, develop print and digital communications templates, and design and build their website. 

We began their brand revitalization process through interviews with stakeholders to learn what inspired them to be a part of the organization, identify what was working vs. not effective with their communications materials, and understand more deeply how best to create cohesive, modern and inspirational brand assets that would be more engaging to volunteers, donors and potential scholars. 

Once interviews were complete, we began creating a series of moodboards that would guide the new visual language. The moodboards contained imagery treatments, iconography, color palette options and typography. Once the final moodboard was signed off on, we began logo iterations and applied the newly esablished visual language to website wireframes and sample collateral templates. 

After the website was designed and built, the remaining assets were developed including one-sheet and Power Point templates, an eNewsletter, and social media avatar. 

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Rootid's Esperanza Education Fund Website Redesign

information architecture, site map & wireframes

Rootid's Esperanza Education Fund Website Redesign

responsive designs

Rootid's Esperanza Education Fund Website Redesign

collateral materials

Rootid's Esperanza Education Fund Website Redesign