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The Global Fund for Women: Ignite Project

Responsive Website Development: Ignite Exhibition

The Global Fund for Women was founded to advance the rights of women and girls worldwide by increasing the resources for and investing in women-led organizations and women’s collective leadership for change. Rootid was approached by the Global Fund for Woman to partner with design firm HUB Collective to brand, design and develop their upcoming exhibition Ignite: Women Fueling Science and Technology, a global campaign and media project that explores the roles of science and technology in advancing gender equality.

The process began through a series of indepth stakeholder interviews to understand high level project goals, site functionality, and user experience preferences in order to build a site architecture that was highly engaging.

After overlaying the custom branding on the site wireframes, we built a highly responsive Drupal solution with interactive galleries and international story submission.

On website launch, we were asked to design 2 custom infographics. The first about how access to technology leads to gender equality and the second a "Spark a Movement" flyer and postcard to be used at an international conference (see below).

Update: The Access to Technology Infographic created for this exhibition won a 2015 Communicator Award.

2015 Communicator Award of Distiction


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