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Website Design & Development

Habitat For Humanity Philadelphia

Habitat for Humanity is a worldwide brand that works in a very local way.  Affiliates leverage the brand recognition to serve local communities utilizing local funding and local volunteers to provide low-income families with affordable homeownership opportunities.  Our mission was two parts: update the online branding to reflect the organization’s success and create a dynamic website that was easy to use while serving as a lead generation tool.

United Way Of Central New Mexico

The UWCNM has served the central New Mexico region by strengthening families independence; providing income assistance to community members with disabilities and housing needs; and creating solutions for health issues related to family violence, community hunger and healthy living initiatives. The organization’s broad scope of work has impacted many lives in the community. Rootid was hired to showcase these successes, while providing a platform to engage more constituents and have a deeper impact within their community.


LightHawk's mission is to champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight and they do so by providing non-profits with free flights throughout North and Central America. The information and images gathered from above help to inform and educate as well as serve as a check and balance to monitor those who safeguard our natural resources. 

Essential Access Health

The Essential Access Health (previously California Family Health Council) has a long track record of championing quality sexual and reproductive heath care, but felt their online branding did not accurately reflect the impact that they had in the community.  In addition, their capacity to capture marketing leads and the online tools they used to support their programs needed to be updated.

Mission: Graduate A Program of The United Way

On January 9, 2013, a group of Central New Mexico’s top leaders, known as the Mission: Graduate Vision Council, came together to sign the Central New Mexico Education Compact. Under the Compact, the Vision Council committed to: A Vision for a world-class, seamless, and coordinated education system that provides equitable opportunities for all individuals to excel and succeed in school, graduate with a college degree or credential, and enter a career of their choosing in Central New Mexico.

Labor Notes

Labor Notes is a media and organizing project that has been the voice of union activists who want to put the movement back in the labor movement since 1979. Through their magazine, website, books, conferences and workshops, they promote organizing, aggressive strategies to fight concessions, alliances with workers’ centers, and unions that are run by their members. 

Justice for Families

Justice for Families (J4F) is a national alliance of local organizations committed to ending the youth incarceration epidemic. They are founded and run by parents and families who have experienced the juvenile justice system with their children. 


When we started working with DigitWhiz in December 2010, who knew where we would end up. Founder and CEO Kasey Brown wanted to change the design of her math game website so that it felt more “real”. The games she and her programmer, Elliot Feingold, had built had amazing content, but needed some help in the delivery and messaging. Our intent was to for students to get excited to play and for parents and teachers to receive the stats they needed to assess student progress.


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