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Support rootid's Community & Capacity Building Outreach Work

Photo of large group people outside Google Community space in San Francisco

rootid has been providing nonprofit professionals brand & communications coaching, training and collaborative spaces for discussion at low or no cost since 2016.

Our programs and offerings have grown tremendously over the last few years to serve over 400 nonprofit professionals from over 300 organizations nationwide (even a few who are internationally located).

We’ve set ambitious -but exciting goals for 2022, and we need your help to accomplish them. Every dollar you donate will allow us to further educate, communicate, collaborate, but most importantly, facilitate spaces where all voices are heard.

Large group of people in a room with brick walls cheering towards the camera.

Your support will help us continue to build an ecosystem of support amongst these important nonprofit leaders. This year we are:

  • Bringing in more subject matter experts to share their knowledge
  • Adding more roundtables and trainings to connect community members
  • Launching our official newsletter and online training modules to continue to share resources far and wide

“Rootid’s training allowed me to really understand my organization’s audiences and write messaging that actually worked. Everyone working in communications should do this, and they should do it now – the earlier you do this is better, because it will shake up your communications strategy for the better!” - 2021 Workshop Attendee

All of these efforts are to further our mission of creating a more ‘inclusive we’ through collaborative spaces and conversations.

We invite you to #getrootid by donating to support this work. Because rootid has partnered with the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

You can donate online at

Just select rootid as the project you want to support—no amount is too small and monthly contributions will be critical to sustaining this work in the years to come.

Contact sia(AT) if you would like to learn more or even just to chat!