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April 2023 Round-up

As we count down the days to our anniversary, we thought we would do a round-up of all the articles we have collectively written about elements of a successful brand strategy over the last 12 years. Enjoy!

moodboards  |  logos  |  brand revitalization  |  visual consistency & styleguides


A moodboard is a collection of images, words, fonts and colors that as a collection, are meant to evoke a feeling from the person that views them. If you're like most people outside of the design industry, you might not have heard of mood boards, but I am sure you made a collage at some point in your youth... 

Moodboards can be created in a lot of different ways.


Brand Revitalization

Visual Consistency & Styleguides

Val Neumark Mickela - director of strategic initiatives & education, founder, headshot

Val Neumark

Val is a brand strategist, educator, facilitator and coach focused on co-designing more relational communications strategies to transform our systems. Through partnerships and collaborations, Val hopes these anti-racist, anti-oppressive spaces and tools will more effectively facilitate connection, strategic-thinking, community building and sustainable growth for non-profits and social impact organizations.

Val has a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts & Media from University of California, San Diego, a Master's Degree in Education from Pepperdine University, and was a 2016 recipient of Pepperdine University's inaugural 40 under 40 Award. In their free time Val plays soccer, loves to hike, and both read and practice karate with their kid.