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rootid in community

rootid's workshops, community roundtables and 1:1 work sessions facilitate spaces for collaboration with like-minded partners, development of meaningful relationships and more effective community engagement strategies that help put equity-centered values into practice.

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rootid's Community Slack
Chat and engage with community partners and/or join as a member and receive your own channel to communicate with rootid team members directly.


Workshops provide a space for deeper discussion and community connection. Typically 2 hours in length.

Roundtables are short format, meant to provide light touch, thought-provoking conversations. Typically 2 hours in length.

1:1 Working & Coaching Session
60-90 minute sessions including follow-up analysis/deliverables related to specific organizational needs.

Annual Membership for Individuals, Teams & Funded Cohorts
Over the course of a year, members will have access to participate & engage in hands-on activities & workshops, small group discussions, and 1:1 coaching with nonprofit professionals, service providers & funders. 

Our community roundtables & workshops focus on communications capacity-building topics such as: 

  • brand strategy for mission & vision alignment 
  • narrative development & storytelling
  • gathering stakeholder feedback for deeper community engagement 
  • developing meaningful metrics by analyzing data
  • designing useful logic models to describe your work
  • campaign design & fundraising 
  • knowledge & project management

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