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presentation slide with a black background and white text ontop that says rootid, designing with and not for, rootid's evolving project process

SFDUG Presentation: Designing 'With' & Not 'For,' rootid's Evolving Project Process Journey

SFDUG: 11/11/21

Design work and website builds are fraught with power and identity dynamics. Too often the design and build processes do not center the needs of those most impacted by its outcomes. Since 2019, rootid has been standardizing all of our processes in alignment—deepening and reframing our work as partnerships 'with' versus designing 'for.'

This session will share our journey, warts and all, as well as some of the techniques we use to make continual space to notice and reflect upon how power, identity and oppression show up in varying contexts of our work.

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About the speakers:
Val Neumark, Director of Strategy & Education, founder of rootid
Sia Magadan, Director of Community Engagement, rootid

About the sponsor:
Kanopi Studios - They design, build and support websites for clients who want to make a positive impact.

Rootid Staff

Rootid Staff

This article was a collaboration by multiple members of our Rootid Team.