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Rootid's How to Create a Compelling Call-to-Action
By Carrie Butler on September 8, 2017
You've spent time crafting your website— planning , designing , and writing —and now traffic is really starting to pick up. So, what's next? You may be getting a lot of new site visitors, but are they signing up for your newsletter, an upcoming...Read more.
Why Your Drupal 6 Site Will Be Hacked
By Andrew Goldsworthy on July 20, 2017
This title is not clickbait. It’s a real problem. It's been more than a year since Drupal 6 was abandoned by the open source Drupal community, leaving major security vulnerabilities in its wake. If it hasn't already cost your organization, it will—...Read more.
Rootid's Top 25 Nonprofit Websites
By Valerie Neumark on June 20, 2017
We're back with our 2017 favorite examples (in alphabetical order) of what a great non-profit website looks like and what makes it stand out. Our hope is that by emulating these exemplary non-profits, you'll soon be able to provide an even greater...Read more.
How to Use Drip Email
By Andrew Goldsworthy on June 8, 2017
Donor retention is a critical part of growing your nonprofit’s mission. Using a drip email welcome series is a great way to start a relationship with new constituents that hopefully lead to a long-term relationship. According to research, donor...Read more.
By Rootid Staff on June 8, 2017
Your organization's identity is tied to its logo. Well thought out design leaves a great first impression—compelling your community to engage more deeply. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to helping non-profits forge and refine their brands. We'...Read more.
Donation Page Blue Print
By Andrew Goldsworthy on May 23, 2017
Nonprofits ask us all the time: “how can I raise more money through our website?” Although there are many moving pieces to the answer, there are several donation page best practices that will help raise more money online. Our team has compiled a...Read more.
What is Content Strategy
By Valerie Neumark on April 11, 2017
Generating a marketing plan for a nonprofit is a daunting task, to say the least. Content strategy is an easy process that will help you figure out who you are marketing to, and how to talk with them in a way that motivates them to take action. Our...Read more.
Guide to Better Nonprofit Website Content
By Andrew Goldsworthy on April 6, 2017
Let's face it—writing content for nonprofit websites can be difficult. We all know the feeling of staring at a blank page and trying to develop compelling content. Unfortunately, research shows that great content for your online marketing efforts is...Read more.
NTEN Conference Best of New Orleans Guide
By Andrew Goldsworthy on April 3, 2017
We don’t talk much about food and drink on Rootid’s blog, but when you’re getting ready for a 3 day trip to New Orleans for the NTEN conference , you have to plan accordingly. If you’ve been to New Orleans, you know that the Crescent City has some...Read more.
By Jason Mickela on March 29, 2017
Your website visitor's data is at risk. If you haven't heard about the legislation altering Internet privacy protections that recently passed through Congress, and is likely going to be signed by President Trump, now is the time to get up to speed...Read more.