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Finding Your Target Market
By Valerie Neumark on January 30, 2014
Not everyone is in your target market and that is ok...actually, that is good. How are you supposed to create authentic messaging (written or visual) if you are trying to talk to everyone at once? Often times when new clients are responding to our "...Read more.
Create Links in YouTube Videos
By Andrew Goldsworthy on January 21, 2014
YouTube videos are an effective way to get your supporters to act. However, until recently, it was hard to get those supporters to do anything after watching a video. Now with YouTube cards, you can drive users to any place on your website or...Read more.
Empathetic Marketing
By Valerie Neumark on January 2, 2014
Outrospective Marketing in the 21 st Century Conversion levels, effective mixed-media strategies, integrity of core brand promise, optimization…and synergy, what does all this jargon actually give you? As a company, we talk a lot about starting...Read more.
By Valerie Neumark on November 4, 2013
Sharon and I were talking about what is “good design” these days and she brought up the idea of minimalism—especially interesting because it is something I had already been thinking about myself. When I look around or look at the latest and greatest...Read more.
By Valerie Neumark on October 25, 2013
“Heretics look at the status quo and say ‘this will not stand’.” I was having a great conversation with a client last week and we were talking about how you find your “people” (…and I would say this applies both personally and professionally)...Read more.
By Valerie Neumark on October 25, 2013
What Does Designful Thinking Mean? I read the below excerpt by Holly Willis, a Design Educator who spoke at a recent AIGA conference and thought it was a really good way of explaining what I mean when I say “Designful Thinking” — a term being used a...Read more.
By Valerie Neumark on October 25, 2013
I find myself so often telling clients that the most important thing they can do is to share ideas with other experts in their field. Partially, I say this because the internet is “word of mouth” and is the most powerful grassroots tool available. I...Read more.
By Valerie Neumark on October 25, 2013
Oversimplified and Out of Touch, Current Advertising Lacks the ‘Nutritional Value’ Consumers Are Desperate For When I think of “going on a binge” it usually involves mass consumption of something that is not healthy over a short period of time, like...Read more.
By Valerie Neumark on October 25, 2013
There are many definitions depending on discipline, but here is how I define it for strategic communications: Building a visual language that connects a company’s vision and messaging to their marketing deliverables. This includes their brand,...Read more.
By Valerie Neumark on October 25, 2013
I thought this was a really great talk. Even though it is technically about the psychology of games and how they are being used to generate huge amounts of revenue (through facebook, online, etc.) I thought Jesse Schell presented some really good...Read more.