our values

We believe that to be good ancestors we must recognize and honor our interdependence and co-design practices that are anti-racist. We begin with humility and use curiosity and reimagination to interrupt historical patterns of oppression and marginalization within ourselves, our team, our partnerships, communities and systems. We believe that form follows meaning. We strive to deeply contribute both locally and globally—collaboratively growing access to the knowledge and tools needed to heal and liberate.


We actively combat racism within ourselves and invite others to join us in acknowledging and working to unlearn and dismantle the structures, practices and daily behaviors that perpetuate oppression and harm.

equitable access to opportunities & resources

We honor and center lived experience (racial, physical, financial, mental, cultural) and believe that interruption of historical patterns of racial oppression and marginalization transforms access. We pursue tools and practices that prioritize belonging.

partnership through listening & building trust

We listen to more deeply understand. We acknowledge that we are not the experts, but have individual lived experiences to learn from and share wholeheartedly. We move at the speed of trust. Diversity of perspectives, ideas and voices lead to the most impactful collaborations.

community-led breakthroughs

We strive to co-create spaces of meaningful connection and belonging. We share in building community capacity by respecting and nurturing one another’s race, culture, disability, language, gender identity, age, class and religion. Collective learning leads to the most innovative and effective outcomes.

fearless curiosity & reimagination

We learn through experimentation. We rigorously pursue diversity of perspective and thought. We believe exploring audacious, boundary crushing possibilities is the key to visualizing and manifesting a world that has overcome the toxic legacy of colonialism.

health & healing

We work towards balance within ourselves, our team, our communities and our planet. Reflection, flexibility and strength are not an end result but a continued practice. We are responsive as we learn and heal, expressing complexity in simple, elegant ways that are inclusive of multiple perspectives.