empowering teens to make decisions about their health


A Brand Created for Teens, by Teens

Teens can be one of the hardest demographics to connect with because of the constantly evolving language, trends and marketing channels. To navigate this, TeenSource, a program within Essential Access Health, created the Youth Advisory Committee (YAB) as a standing advisory board to provide feedback on visual design work and messaging.

rootid worked with TeenSource and the YAB to design and deploy a series of public awareness campaigns about teen rights and health information. rootid also helped develop a TeenSource sub-brand called TeenSource Tips, where teens could receive regular health tips so they felt empowered to make their own choices about their health.

Work Completed:

content strategy
user experience
website design
drupal 7 -> drupal 9 migration
data-driven website optimization

mobile web design

Designing for a Generation

TeenSource primarily serves a teenage audience, who reported through audience research to primarily use their phones to find information.

rootid’s design team developed a mobile-first approach to the website design process. Over the course of the last decade of our partnership, the TeenSource design has continuously improved to better serve mobile users and their needs.

a person visiting a website with their phone

Drupal website development

Drupal 7 → Drupal 9 Migration

rootid’s partnership with TeenSource dates back to the dawn of Drupal 7 (yeah it’s been a great partnership!). As Drupal 7 was set to retire, TeenSource and rootid took the opportunity to rethink the underlying technology and website management experience.

During the Drupal migration process, rootid rebuilt the underlying site infrastructure to take a more component based approach.  This meant that key pages were significantly more flexible to manage. It also meant that editors could develop a much better user experience across the site to increase user engagement and ease of navigation.

website search engine optimization

Increasing Traffic and Conversions through SEO

As one of the thought leaders in the space of teen health, TeenSource produces a lot of teen-focused health resources that answer some of the most pressing questions.

  • How can I talk to my parents about sex?
  • How old do you have to be to buy condoms?
  • Where can I find free health clinics near me?

rootid’s strategy team leveraged organic search optimization strategies to help the TeenSource grow online site traffic. 

website search engine optimization

Increasing Traffic through Google Grants

Google provides 501c3’s $10,000 a month in free search ads through the Google Grants program. rootid and TeenSource worked together to create an advertising strategy that complimented their SEO strategy.

rootid leveraged the great content that TeenSource was already creating and used A/B testing to optimize landing pages and increase site conversion rates.

Custom Web Application

Distributing Free Condoms through Custom Workflows

The Condom Access Project (CAP) serves teens across California with free condoms sent by mail. This program has a number of requirements for teens to be eligible to receive free condoms.  

rootid and TeenSource worked together to develop a custom 4-step workflow that evaluated teens eligibility. For those teens who were eligible for the program, rootid developed a custom web application that provided order fulfillment so that program managers could easily receive reports of orders and mail condoms to teens.

Teens who did not qualify for the mailing program were routed to a map interface that provide location search services to all of the clinics near them where they could pick-up free condoms.

teensource clinic search interface

Interactive Maps

Delivering Health Services to Teens in their Neighborhoods

As part of their mission to empower teens to make informed decisions about their health, TeenSource provides a national database of health clinics across the United States. 

rootid’s development team created an interactive map that would allow teens to search for clinics nearby by simply using their zipcode.  We also integrated this functionality throughout the site so that teens could search for clinics from blog posts and other pages to quickly access clinic services.

computer screen with metrics showing

data-driven website optimization

Google Analytics 4 & Custom Reporting Dashboards

TeenSource was interested to understand what efforts were most successful as we continued to grow traffic across their site using SEO and Google Ads. With staff members regularly contributing content to the site, it was important to understand how we could continue to invest time in the content that was driving the best results.  

But which metrics were most important to report?

rootid worked to develop a website measurement plan that allowed TeenSource to track key website metrics that could be reported to key stakeholders and funders.

rootid utilized a custom Google Data Studio dashboard that gave key stakeholders access to analytics reports whenever they wanted. The live reports allowed stakeholders to see metrics whenever they wanted so they could keep a thumb on the pulse of the marketing activities.