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Identifying Project Goals Through Core Values

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) builds communities that center economic and equity opportunities.

Since the beginning, collaboration and inclusion have guided rootid’s work with TNDC. After a strategic planning process that expanded TNDC’s mission to focus more holistically on community development, not just housing, TNDC engaged rootid to help elevate their new core values in their visual brand and digital communications.

rootid designed a staff and community input process that conceptualized and ultimately decided on the new visual brand for TNDC.

Work Completed:

full rebrand
logo design
content strategy
user experience
website design
drupal 7 -> drupal 9 migration
marketing campaign strategy & design




Building an Community-Centered Visual Brand

rootid and TNDC worked together to create a community education and listening process that created the foundational approach to the visual brand. Community members expressed that TNDC’s community felt warm, personal and neighborly, which was not reflected in the current visual approach.

Through a series of multilingual town halls, community surveys and one-on-one stakeholder interviews, rootid’s branding team created a completely new visual brand that elevated a sense of community, friendliness and shared space.

The final logo was selected at a town hall as part of a voting process by residents of TNDC properties.

Growing out of a more holistic understanding of our work in terms of Homes, Health, and Voice and a deeper understanding for our need to become an anti-racist organization, our new logo and look are a better reflection of who TNDC is today.

Don Falk – former CEO, TNDC

content strategy

Building an Audience-Centered Content Strategy

Once the brand was in place, rootid’s team continued building a digital content strategy grounded in community research. rootid helped TNDC create a site navigational structure that made it easier for staff members to find resources, prospective TNDC residents find housing solutions and community members engage with the organization.

Rather than the navigation mirroring departmental structures, our user experience team used audience profiles and analytics to identify key navigational pathways on the site that would help audience groups find content more easily.

We also created profile pages for each TNDC building to attract more residents to the housing opportunities.

Website Design

Interactive Map Deliver Housing Solutions

Over the past 5 years, TNDC has expanded its services beyond the Tenderloin into neighborhoods across San Francisco. Audience research elevated the need to make it easier for prospective residents to find housing solutions based on building location, features and populations.

rootid’s team designed and built a custom mapping solution that allowed users to search for housing opportunities that suited their needs. The result was an improved online search experience.

Drupal 9 web development

Making Complex Web Pages Easy to Create and Manage – No Code Necessary!

rootid builds Drupal editing experiences that are intuitive and easy to use. It allows the TNDC staff to build flexible and complex layouts using a library of components (think like a set of legos). No code necessary!

annual report

Communicating Impact Through Storytelling

The communities that TNDC serves are more than just numbers. Each individual has a story to tell.

As an extension of our long-term partnership, rootid and TNDC have worked on a number of annual reports together – both digital and print. Though we elevated numbers, we shared the feeling that annual reports should go deeper and use stories to frame success through asset-based storytelling.

marketing campaign strategy

Building Marketing Campaign Strategies that Increase Staff Capacity

Like many nonprofits, staff bandwidth is at a premium at TNDC. rootid helped TNDC build processes that engaged more organizational departments to develop content, reduced staff stress around campaigns and improved community engagement.

In addition to developing an annual marketing planning process, rootid supported TNDC to build systems that made campaign execution more efficient and effective.

By standardizing the campaign planning process, creating frameworks to develop campaign strategy and creating marketing asset design templates, TNDC was able to execute impactful multi-channel marketing campaigns with a small team.