Website Content Audits: How to Assess What is and Isn’t Working on Your Website

Workshop about website content audits: assess what is and isn't working on your website.

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Are the key pages on your website are performing their best? It can be hard to know where to start the audit and assessment process.

Our team will guide you through rootid’s website content audit process to assess and optimize your site performance.

Practice an audit on your website during the event so you can walk away with actionable next steps!

This workshop will:

  • help your team establish questions and goals for your audit.
  • provide a framework to establish benchmarks for your website content.
  • take you through repeatable step-by-step process to perform page-level website content audits.
  • provide tools to create actionable audit reports and generate a work plan based on audit outcomes.

your co-facilitators

Andrew Goldsworthy

Director of Client Success

red haired person with black rim glasses and a black shirt on a light blue background

Val Neumark

Director of Strategy

We strive to co-create spaces of meaningful connection and belonging (these workshops are not webinars). We encourage and model frequent screen and body breaks. We believe collective learning leads to the most innovative and effective outcomes.

We provide a link to our resource folder and slide deck draft 24 hours before the session as well as enable live transcription and closed caption during the live Zoom session. Our sessions are recorded (absent any technical difficulties) and can be accessed on our website a few days after the event.

I’ve loved the sessions I’ve attended, especially when there are very practical steps to take or templates to use. I also appreciate the inclusiveness of all the sessions and how you always create opportunities to interact in small groups. No matter what the topic is, getting into these groups makes me realize that I’m not alone in this. Others struggle with some of the same challenges that I do, and that’s always comforting. So A+ for community building.

Dorian Nakamichi
Helping Hands Hawaii