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As an organization dedicated to building a more inclusive 'we' through the vehicles of brand & communications, we are excited to launch the official rootid newsletter! The goal of this publication is to inform, to inspire & to continue to build community.

  • July 2023 (highlights: Sia's Goodbye, Blog: Google Analytics, Women's Cohort)
  • May/June 2023 (highlights: Pride Month, Women's Cohort, Stuttering Awareness article)
  • April 2023 (highlights: Stress Awareness Month, Rootid's 12th Anniversary, Brand Strategy Round-up Blog Post)
  • March 2023 (highlights: Womxn's History Month, Nonprofit News, Womxn in the Sector)
  • February 2023 (highlights: Black History Month, Interview with Reflecting Justice, blog post: Communications+Capacity+Community) 
  • Impact Report 2022 (highlights: we served almost 400 organizations & 165 orgs attended 2+ events; hear from team rootid; what's next for 2023)
  • October 2022 (highlights: Bullying Prevention Month, community survey, staff spotlight: Val Neumark)
  • September 2022 (highlights: International Literacy Day, staff spotlight: Mabel Colón, Community Centric Fundraising- Michelle Muri)
  • August 2022 (highlights: 3-part Series: Allyship & You, Equity Giving Campaigns, staff spotlight: Ian Madrigal) 
  • July 2022 (highlights: Summer Treats, KPI’S That Perpetuate Equity blog post, staff spotlight: Grace Yee)
  • June 2022 (highlights: Juneteenth, PRIDE & Website Accessibility blog post)
  • May 2022 (highlights: rootid turn's 11, orgin story, conversation with the founders & AAPI Heritage Month)
  • April 2022 (highlights: Happy Earth Day & National Record Store Day, staff spotlight: Bob Gourley, rootid's Senior Web Developer, blog by Val Neumark) 
  • March 2022 (highlights: Women's History & timeline, blog by Marcus Cinque Harris & Soy Pak-Krisher, rootid's Design Director spotlight)
  • February 2022 (highlights: advertising pioneer Moss H. Kendrix, reading list & podcast selections, co-founder Andrew Goldsworthy spotlight)
  • January 2022  (highlights: Allyship Theatre, Sia Magadan spotlight)