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10 Campaigns that Rocked Giving Tuesday

November 28th will mark #GivingTuesday’s sixth annual day of giving. The holiday—which follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US—kicks off the charitable season.

Brands, influencers, and everyday folks come together with a single purpose in mind: to celebrate and encourage giving.

In 2016, that sentiment led to $177 million in global donations to nonprofits through this concentrated effort across social media.

To garner such a massive response, organizations have showed off their benevolent brilliance in a variety of ways.

Here are ten of our favorites:

  1. By combining their efforts, nonprofit Twist Out Cancer and deodorant start-up PiperWai hosted a Sock Hop fundraising event that raised nearly $50,000 from donors and matching grants.
    #Giving Tuesday: Twist Out Cancer
  2. Heifer International offered a goat mask printout and encouraged donors to take selfies or goat-o-bomb (photobomb) others. The photos were then posted on Giving Tuesday, using #GoatSquadGoals, accompanied by a quick line underlining their philanthropic efforts. Not only did this effort entertain and validate Heifer’s mission, it also highlighted the key role goats play in ending poverty around the world.
    #GivingTuesday #GoalSquadGoals Heifer International
  3. TomTod celebrated Giving Tuesday with a twist, using the day to thank their supporters. The nonprofit spent the day delivering balloons, food trays, and swag bags to local donors—strengthening their relationships and earning media attention for their programs.
    TomTod Thanks Supporters
  4. Baker Industries launched a social media campaign (#500Lunches) to provide non-perishable lunches for those in their work rehabilitation program—people with disabilities, recovering substance abusers, individuals on parole, and the homeless.
    Baker Industries #500Lunches
  5. Carter’s “One for One” campaign donated a pair of pajamas to a child in need for every pair purchased in store. 
    Carter's One for One Campaign
  6. Employees at the Wendy’s Restaurant Support Center wrote holiday card messages that were donated to the Ohio State University Star House, a local drop-in shelter for homeless youth. Each holiday card contained a Wendy’s gift card.
    Wendy's #GivingTuesday
  7. Camp K, a charity camp for children and adults with disabilities, celebrated their 50th anniversary with a boxing gala on Giving Tuesday. Using the hashtag #KO4CAMPK (Knockout for Camp K), they received sponsorship from local businesses, sold tickets to their supporters, and asked for donations from those who could not attend.
    Camp K Boxing Gala
  8. Students at West End Day School put together birthday boxes for children in homeless shelters. The birthday boxes were filled with birthday cake supplies (cake mix, frosting, and candles), a present, and a book.
    West End Day School Birthday Boxes
  9. Bedstock is a one-of-a-kind music festival, where artists play from bed for sick kids stuck in theirs. For Giving Tuesday, several celebrity singers joined the effort, and Converse generously offered to match all donations made.
    Bedstock Artists Give Back
  10. The Pratt Library of Baltimore knows nothing gets attention like a little friendly competition. Following an NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals, Pratt challenged the Cincinnati Public Library to see which library could raise more on Giving Tuesday (#BookBowl). The executive director of the “losing” library agreed to dress up and perform a reading from a book written by a local author from the winning city. 
    #GivingTuesday Pratt Library #BookBowl

Our Takeaway

With a little creative marketing, these groups rocked Giving Tuesday and promoted some great causes! If you need help with your next campaign, be sure to drop us a line.