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10 Impactful Annual Report Websites

Last year, we showed you a great way to save time and money by letting your web team produce a website for your annual report. Online presentations are easy to deliver and easy to track, making them the perfect approach for conscientious organizations. 

This year, we wanted to revisit that notion with a fresh dose of inspiration. From standout styles to user-friendly features, these annual reports are raising the bar for everyone:

1. Tenderlion Neighborhood Development

Scroll through this vibrant report and you’ll find a clever way to display a lot of (pertinent) information. Donor lists are accessed by selecting a contribution level and navigating side-to-side, rather than appearing as one giant wall of text.

TNDC Custom Donor List Scroll

2.  Lemonly

Not only did this organization have someone sing their statistics, they had a fun interactive activity at the end, too.

Lemonly Annual Report

3.  Fund Good Jobs

Punchy colors and animations really drive the statistics home here.

Fund Good Jobs Annual Report

5.  Habitat DC

What makes this one unique is its layout. Each section has its own page, which can be reached by top navigation or bottom buttons.

Habitat DC Annual Report Example

5.  Girls Who Code (2016)

Animated elements make for a fun experience in this report—which is perfect for an organization dedicated to getting girls interested in computing skills.

Girls Who Code Annual Report

6.  9/11 Memorial & Museum

According to the text, “Visitors to the Museum are encouraged to leave a message on digital screens near a piece of World Trade Center steel.” Here, some of those impressions have been incorporated into the design and are displayed on a loop.

9/11 Memorial Museum Annual Report Example

7.  Campaign Monitor

This company’s reach is emphasized with photo pins on a global map.

Campaign Monitor Annual Report Example

8.  Girls Who Code (2015)

Here, selected projects are presented as interactive slides.

Girls Who Code Annual Report Example

9.  350.org

Embedded videos entertain and inform this site’s visitors.

350 Annual Report Sample

10.  Pencils of Promise

This organization provides a print (.pdf) option at the end of its digital report.

Pencils of Promise Annual Report

Our Takeaway

Websites may be the future of annual reporting, but for these impressive organizations, that future is here. If you’re ready to join them, shoot us a quick message. We’d love to help you show off your work to the world!