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8 Seamlessly Social Sites We Love

Even in a debate-driven world, there’s one thing most professionals agree on: Word-of-mouth is king.

Think about it. Would you be more likely to trust the intentions of a banner ad or the person sitting across from you at brunch? A recommendation between friends is always going to carry more weight than an organization-sponsored advertisement. There’s just one problem…

We can’t control it.

Sure, we may do our best to create advocates, but we’re not working with puppet strings here (and we wouldn’t want to be). Something has to incite readers to action. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where word-of-mouth has given rise to a more amplified version of itself: word-of-text. Even the most well executed campaigns can’t hold a candle to sincere advocates taking to social media. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of eight organizations with exemplary integrations. Take a look:

8. One.org

One.org Social Sample

One leans on social proof to encourage third-party follows. By showcasing their impressive numbers, they demonstrate authentic support for their mission—which comes across as implied word-of-text.  

7. StJude.org

St. Jude Social Sample

St. Jude’s website includes an unobtrusive share button at the bottom of each page, which—once clicked—reveals a variety of social media options. Nice and simple.

6. PacificEnvironment.org

Pacific Environment Social Sample

Pacific Environment introduces one of our favorite integrations to the list: click-to-tweet messages. Not only do they enable visitors to spread the word to their own followers, they take the pressure off by providing a visible social script.

5. PBS.org

PBS Social Sample

PBS curates their social content by highlighting their most recent tweet alongside popular hashtags and follow links, making it easy to join the conversation.

4. Care.org

Care.org Social Sample

Care takes this a step further by adding an embedded Facebook widget.

3. Amnesty.org

Amnesty International Social Sample

Amnesty has made several of our highlight lists, and this is one is no different—for good reason. Their social media section offers a variety of quick and easy ways to spread the word.

2. DoSomething.org

Do Something Social Sample

Do Something has a unique approach to social integration—and advocacy itself, for that matter. They help visitors find ways to participate based on their interests and how much time they’re willing to spend. Example: A few quick, exploratory clicks brought up a selfie campaign using social media.

1. PerpetualLineup.org

The Perpetual Line-up Social Sample

Perpetual Lineup provides click-to-tweet quotes in-line with their message, making shares even more relevant and appealing.


Note that each of these examples made the experience simple and painless for visitors. Remember, people are busy. We have a small window of time to catch their interest and an even smaller window to convert that interest into action. Use both wisely.

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