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Creating Campaign Assets

Keep It Confidential Poster

The Essential Access Health is a statewide nonprofit that champions & promotes quality sexual + reproductive health care for all. They are leaders in passing recent legislation that as of 2015, gives those covered under another person's health plan—like a parent or spouse—the ability to keep their health information private.  Shocked this was not already the case? So were we... and we are so proud to have helped them develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to support this landmark legislation. 

When building a campaign there are a lot of things to consider. Who the audience is, what information they need to know and how many different kinds of assets you need to create to inform them. The types of assets span print, web and social media platforms, so when beginning the visual identity process, you need to keep in mind how your design elements are going to be used.

Who are the audiences?
To market this landmark legislation there are a few important groups to consider.

  • Providers: Since it is their job to alert and to educate their patients about these new confidentiality rights, the visual language for this campaign needed to be clean, clear and welcoming.
  • Patients: There is a large range of age groups to appeal to, so the basic artwork and themes needed to feel universal. Then you can focus more specifically on distinct groups through social media as needed.
  • Partners: A lot of different people and organizations participated in getting this important legislation passed so the artwork created needed to also appeal to their organizational stakeholders.

What information do they need to know?
Especially with new legislation, there is often A LOT of information that needs to be shared. Leaning that down to items that are easily digestible is an undertaking unto itself. Working together, we determined that a combination of "take action" language and the bare minimum of descriptive text would be the most effective way to communicate this information.

How many different kinds of assets need to be created?
Keep It Confidential Wallet CardNext, we determined how many different types of assets we needed across print, web and social media. With print design in particular, it is important to create only what you need. We want to always be conscious of what will actually be useful to people versus what will just end up in the recycling bin. We decided to create Posters and Info Sheets for health care providers, Postcards and Wallet Cards for patients so they could take a small reminders with them, a micro-website for people to access via web or mobile, and of course custom Facebook and Twitter headers. [view all resources]

This was a really fun project to work on with everyone over at CFHC—we are thrilled to have been a part of it!


Val Neumark Mickela - director of strategic initiatives & education, founder, headshot

Val Neumark

Val is a brand strategist, educator, facilitator and coach focused on co-designing more relational communications strategies to transform our systems. Through partnerships and collaborations, Val hopes these anti-racist, anti-oppressive spaces and tools will more effectively facilitate connection, strategic-thinking, community building and sustainable growth for non-profits and social impact organizations.

Val has a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts & Media from University of California, San Diego, a Master's Degree in Education from Pepperdine University, and was a 2016 recipient of Pepperdine University's inaugural 40 under 40 Award. In their free time Val plays soccer, loves to hike, and both read and practice karate with their kid.