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Make Your Wordpress Website Mobile-Friendly - No Code Needed!

Looking for a way to make your Wordpress website mobile-friendly without touching a line of code? You’re not alone.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

At Rootid we’ve had a lot of requests from clients to help with transitioning their site to be more mobile friendly. Many people have been motivated by Google’s recent announcement that they will consider mobile-friendly websites as part of their search algorithm going forward.

For people who have a custom Wordpress theme that was designed and developed display on desktop only, this can cause a lot of heartburn. And, often the cost of re-developing a custom theme is prohibitive.

If you have a custom Wordpress theme that is not mobile friendly, and don’t want to start developing your theme from scratch, there is a quick and simple way to pass the Google mobile test without touching a line of code.

Using WPTouch to Make Your Wordpress Website Mobile Friendly

Make Your Wordpress Website Mobile-Friendly with WPTouchThe WPTouch plug-in allows you to quickly and easily setup a mobile friendly website without ever touching a piece of code. Note that this method allows you to put a very simple version of your website’s content into a mobile friendly layout. As you will see the actual branding on the site will be fairly minimal.

It’s a quick easy, and cost efficient way to pass the Google mobile test while providing a better user experience for mobile website users.

Here’s how:

  1. Install the WPTouch Wordpress plug-in. You can easily do this in the back-end of your website. Go to Plug-ins -> Add New.  Search for “WPTouch.” Click “Install now.”

  2. Activate the Plug-in.

  3. Go to WPTouch -> Theme Settings you can quickly and easily update the basic branding elements on the plug-in theme. You can even upload a custom logo, a custom menu if you don’t want to use the desktop menu, as well as other details.

Now, test it out. Go to your website with your mobile device and you should see that the new theme has been installed.

Like many Wordpress plug-ins there is a premium version of WPTouch that unlocks a lot of other features, however, I’ve found that you can put a basic mobile experience in place without purchasing the Pro version.

Good luck!

Andrew Goldsworthy

Andrew Goldsworthy

Andrew has over 20 years experience in user interface and digital marketing and fundraising strategies for social entrepreneurs and nonprofits. He is passionate about co-designing strategies to leverage technology and communications to build capacity and impact with mission-driven organizations. He's also an avid outdoorsman. Frequently camping, skiing, fishing and fending off mosquitos.