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Print is Not Dead—Just Use it Strategically

Digital marketing has stolen the spotlight in recent years, thanks to its accessibility and reach, but does that mean print is obsolete? Not according to a Two Sides survey:

“88% of respondents indicated that they understood, retained or used information better when they read print on paper compared to lower percentages (64% and less) when reading on electronic devices.”

The key is understanding when and how to leverage that preference. Print collateral is best used in strategic settings, where you’re in a position to provide something tangible—something that either lends credibility (banners, signs, swag, etc.) or encourages engagement (programs, forms, business cards, etc.) Take Full Circle Fund’s yearly UNITE event, for example.  

By utilizing print, we were able to set a festive and informative tone at SF Jazz. Everything was branded and strategically placed—from the stickers on the mini-wine bottles to the programs highlighting Full Circle Fund’s grant cycle.

Full Circle Fund UNITE StickerFull Circle Fund UNITE BookletFull Circle Fund UNITE One-SheetFull Circle Fund UNITE Donor Card

Full Circle Fund UNITE Event PresentationFull Circle Fund UNITE Event Space

Even our new foldout business cards had to pull their weight, that night. In addition to providing basic contact information, they also listed our services, featured a client testimonial, and encouraged follow-up with a tear-off ticket (redeemable for a drink with a Rootid founder).

Rootid Services Bi-fold

That’s not to say digital didn’t play a role, of course. No one can dispute social media’s role in creating awareness.

Full Circle Fund UNITE Social Media Full Circle Fund UNITE Social Media Post

The point is, by recognizing print and digital’s individual advantages, we were able to help Bay Area guests discover and celebrate social change in their community. That, in and of itself, is a huge success!