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Video Tutorial: Adding Links to YouTube Videos

Looking to leverage your awesome YouTube content to drive more donations, newsletter sign-ups and supporter engagement? You can easily add links by using cards and end screens to your YouTube videos.

This tutorial will help you sort out when it’s appropriate to choose a card versus an end card, and the rules surrounding how and when you can use them.

Before You Start: Connect Your Website to Your YouTube Account

Before you start this tutorial, it’s really important that you connect your website to your YouTube account. If this process isn’t complete before you try to add end screens and cards, you won’t be able to add them to your video.

This video does NOT cover these instructions, but it’s a really easy process. You can find instructions on Google Documentation page.

Choose Donation Cards vs End Screens

One of the things that is brought up in this tutorial is selecting a card over an end screen to drive action.

It’s up to you based on your strategy, but here are some clear differences to note:

  1. Donation Cards allow users to make a donation quickly and easily on the screen, whereas an End Screen link would require the user to go to a new screen to complete the transaction.
  2. End Screens require that you have at least one link to another video, channel or playlist, whereas you can have up to 5 cards, and none of them need to link to a video, playlist, channel, etc.
  3. Donation Cards restrict the icon that you include with your call to action, end screens allow you to upload a custom image to your call to action.

My opinion:

If you want users to find your video on your YouTube channel, use donations cards.

If you want users to view your video on your website, use either a link card, or an end screen.


When users click on a donation card, the donation process takes place on YouTube, not on your website. So, you’re essentially sending users to complete a donation process off of your website.

So, if you want users to complete the process on your website use a Link Card.

Using Video to Raise More Donations

Video content is becoming more and more common, and we believe is driving the newest wave of content on the web. It increases engagement with supporters and drives a lot of activity.

Content can’t do it all by itself though. There are additional strategies that need to be considered to raise more money, and boost online engagement. Download our comprehensive guide to raising more money online and learn more.