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DrupalCon19: Design Strategies Session

On April 10th, two of our founders, Valerie Neumark and Andrew Goldsworthy present their session on Design Strategies: Our Process for Building User-centered Websites. Below is a little bit about their session as well as the slides and links to resources they discuss.
Rootid is Speaking at DrupalCon19

Slide Deck  •  Sample Audience to Persona Spreadsheets  •  Stakeholder Interviews
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Designing a website can be a very complicated process with a lot of stages depending on the size of the site you are building. But with a user-centered strategy, grounded in best practices, you will be set-up for success.

In this session, we will guide you through the strategies we use and the basic steps needed for a clean, user-friendly website that is based in user research and design best practices.
What we’ll cover:

  • Research
    • Defining Audiences (based on real people you know directly or indirectly)
    • User Surveys
    • Using Data to Understand Users
  • Developing Personas
    • Identifying Motivations
    • Designing Persona-based Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
    • Developing User Workflows & Predicting User Interactions
    • Interviewing Stakeholders & Testing Assumptions
    • Optimizing for Drupal Functionalities
  • Design Best Practices
    • Current Trends vs. Universal Constants
  • Design Hand-off
    • Tips and Tools for a Smooth Transition to Development