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Website Timeline
By Rootid Staff on December 21, 2016
Every organization has a story. Somewhere along the line, a spark inspired someone to challenge the status quo, and that idea was tempered by milestones to forge the business we see today. What better way to celebrate that history than to put it on...Read more.
Rootid brandUP Campaign Winner - Root & Rebound
By Andrew Goldsworthy on December 6, 2016
Rootid is very excited to announce the 2016 brandUP winner - Root & Rebound. We're thrilled to be working with this amazing organization to help them build out their marketing strategy and broaden their reach.Read more.
Developing a Mood board
By Valerie Neumark on September 8, 2016
Mood boarding can be tough, but is a great excerise to help generate a new look and feel for your brand. We've generated an infographic to that makes creating a mood board fun and easy in four simple steps. Below we've written out a step by step...Read more.
Rootid's Guide to Webpage Hierarchy
By Valerie Neumark on September 1, 2016
Information architecture and page hierarchy can make or break you. Your interface should be designed with your end goals in mind. Website visitors arrive with many levels of literacy, attention spans and 'will' to figure out how to use your website...Read more.
By Andrew Goldsworthy on August 29, 2016
If you are like most nonprofit marketing professionals, you’re overworked and under-resourced. Email automation is the solution you’ve been waiting for! Setting up marketing automation systems that trigger emails and autoresponders, drastically...Read more.
5 ideas for the brandup
By Andrew Goldsworthy on August 11, 2016
It’s hard to make your organization stand out in the crowded nonprofit space. That’s one of the reasons that Rootid started the brandUP awards . Our team saw over and over that there are a lot of great nonprofits that are facing resolvable obstacles...Read more.
Rootid's Human-Centered Design Thinking for Communications Strategy
By Valerie Neumark on August 4, 2016
"Being a human-centered designer is about believing that as long as you stay grounded in what you’ve learned from people, your team can arrive at new solutions that the world needs." -IDEO Field Guide to Human-Centered Design What is Human-Centered...Read more.
By Andrew Goldsworthy on August 3, 2016
Designing a new website, or redesigning your old website, is a large project to undertake. Larger than most people think. According to SME Website Statistic , 48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the...Read more.
By Andrew Goldsworthy on July 29, 2016
Jessica Van Tuyl is the Executive Director of the Oasis For Girls organization, located in San Francisco. The Oasis For Girls program partners with girls and young women from under resourced communities to help them cultivate the skills, knowledge...Read more.
Logo Design Basics
By Valerie Neumark on June 30, 2016
Building a logo can be as easy as ABC, or 123...yes, just like the Jackson 5 song. It is composed of basic building blocks of shapes, colors and letters. Just like a children’s cartoon, because really, if it does not read that simply, then you are...Read more.